Remote Downloading

How would remote downloading benefit your operation?

The legal requirements relating to the downloading of digital data is the driver card within 28 days and the vehicle unit within 90 days.

In order to run the operation more efficiently you need to have this information readily to hand.

Generally this means making time to catch the drivers and schedule the vehicle off the road to download the data. All of which is time-consuming and can be a logistical nightmare.

This does not present too much of a problem if the operation is Monday to Friday, 9.00 – 17.00, but how many businesses operate in that way? More often than not downloading digital data gets put to the back of the queue and that is when the problems start to escalate.

There is a solution to take away the headache, managing compliance can be made easier by investing in remote downloading, to remove the onerous task of having to physically download driver cards and vehicle units. This would involve installing a device in the vehicle. Make use of tried and tested technology that provides a seamless transfer of data from the card and tachograph to your software provider to free up valuable time to concentrate on running the business.

The benefits are clear for all to see – it will ultimately save money, time and resource and having real time data available will greatly assist in meeting compliance deadlines.

Eliminates Risk

Our solution of gathering driver and vehicle data for an entire fleet eradicates the need to manually retrieve the data from vehicles or driver, thus eliminating the risk of 'missing data'.

Easy Configuration

The data downloads can be configured to your precise requirements i.e. at any point in time, pulling data from the entire fleet in turn creating a single point of information. Our fully managed service retrieves data for analysis and report generation.

If you have any further questions about the benefits of our remote downloading service please contact us for a free non-obligatory presentation. Contact our Sales Team today!