FleetCheck (FMS)

All your vehicle and driver data in one place

From number plate, MOT, road tax and driver licence details to eye sight checks, defect photographs, DVLA penalty points and driver training information.  And much, much more.

Safety Inspection and Defect Management

Vehicle and trailer safety inspection schedules can easily be created for each asset with a range of options available to control your schedules.

  •   Schedules can be planned by day or week and can be automated to ensure schedule adherence when a vehicle is inspected earlier or later than planned
  •   Inspection documents are automatically uploaded into the system and filed against the correct vehicle
  •   FleetCheck will report on missing inspection documents
  •   Alerts and multiple reports can be scheduled to advise users and service providers when inspections are due

How FleetCheck has helped...

By being intuitive with a highly flexible user interface, FleetCheck consistently fits the requirements of anyone responsible for the management of the fleet.

Find out how FleetCheck has been designed from the ground up to allow fleets of any size and vehicle mix to be managed efficiently.

The fleet management software that is flexible and easy to use

We understand that no two businesses are the same.  You might run a small fleet of cars and vans, you might be responsible for a large fleet of HGVs.  Maybe it’s a bit of both.

Whether you’re a first timer to the role or an experienced transport manager, we make the job straightforward.   No more sleepless nights worrying about compliance.  No more time wasted chasing paperwork.

Why Use FleetCheck?

Our multi-award winning fleet management software is easy to use, with a flexible user interface that gives structure and support you can rely on.

By integrating with over 250 data streams, the system enables your business to handle your fleet tasks efficiently, whilst embedding a robust audit trail to underpin your legal requirements.

You can keep up to date with over 85 upcoming events thanks to FleetCheck’s unique ‘traffic light’ alert system, and have all the information you need at your fingertips with over 600 report types. Plus being cloud-based, our software gives you total access to all your data, with confidence that it is secure and backed-up.