Licence Checks

Employer’s Legal Obligations

Employers and employees must take reasonable precautions to mitigate risks whilst driving at work. Negligent employers may be criminally liable for corporate manslaughter in the case of a serious road accident.

A fundamental element when mitigating the risk to an organisation must be the validation of a persons right to drive a vehicle. Steps must be taken to reduce the risk presented by the driver to themselves and other road users. Driving licence entitlement and risk potential need to be checked on a regular basis.

Every employer who runs a fleet or allows their employees to drive their own vehicle on business is subject to certain legal obligations:

  •   Take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of their drivers and other road users
  •   Ensure vehicles are roadworthy, taxed and insured
  •   Put rigorous checking processes in place to manage grey fleet
  •   Adhere to specific DVSA standards if they are a goods vehicle operator


The licence check solution enables organisations to actively manage driving licence eligibility, ensuring driver risk is reduced and compliance assured. An essential process for organisations with employees that drive on work related business.


  • Safe, secure and reliable cloud solution which records, stores and verifies driving licence information
  • Checks the driver has the correct category entitlement and eligibility to drive
  • Checks the licence for current endorsements, penalty points and convictions
  • Identifies and dynamically monitors ‘high risk’ drivers
  • Dedicated customer support helpdesk included without additional cost
  • Analyses data provided by the DVLA


How will it improve efficiency?

  • Automatic scheduling of driving licence rechecks without the need for human intervention
  • Providing results in seconds
  • Manages the full driver consent process, with e-consent option, which is valid for 3 years
  • Triggers comprehensive notifications and immediate warnings
  • Reduces paperwork and administration both for both office based employees and drivers

How can our app help?

Keeping copies of driver cards has never been easier.

Each driver can use the app to take pictures of their cards, these are then stored within the FMS for referencing.