Caring for your transportation needs all in one place

At Transmaster we understand that it can be difficult to control every aspect of transport legislation and driver training. There may be occasions where you will need advice on transport software or document creation. This is where we can help you and your business.

Working to keep your fleet 100% legal and fully operational.

Operating and maintaining a fully compliant vehicle fleet in line with current industry standard regulations and UK road laws has never been so important. This is just one of the many pressures that comes with managing a fleet of commercial vehicles, but it is often the most vital.

Our Compliance Management solution can help your business relieve this pressure and meet those regulatory obligations by providing advanced booking and scheduled maintenance management. This includes tailored arrangements in line with your fleet operations which are managed throughout the life cycle of the vehicle, HGV or specialist asset. We take a smart and proactive approach, working together with your Maintenance and Transport teams to ensure events are planned and carried out in line with your schedules, keeping downtime to a minimum.
Our team understands both the common and wider risks associated with operating small, medium and large sized commercial vehicle fleets, affecting driver safety, public safety, vehicle roadworthiness and business reputation. We ensure everything possible is done to avoid these being compromised.

Our ‘Fully Managed’ service

FleetCheck software access for DVSA / FORS audits.
Maintenance schedules and management of all legally required events for vehicles and ancillary equipment, such as O Licence events, LOLERS, and many more.
Preferred booking arrangements (via email, phone or SMS) agreed with fleet managers and drivers to meet individual requirements.
Proactive bookings and management of all scheduled/required maintenance.
Expert advice and technical support to customers in the set-up of strict maintenance regimes.
Vehicle compliance records and service history audited on a regular basis.
Driver training records and Licence check management.
Creation of bespoke service, inspection and maintenance schedules for each vehicle, HGV and specialist asset within your fleet for the entire contract duration.
Bookings made 8-12 weeks in advance and verified to ensure no event is missed.
Collaboration with your existing operations staff.
CPC (Road Haulage Certificate of Professional Competence) qualified team members.
Executive and management reports.

Compliance expertise

With specialist vehicles at the core of our business, we are experienced in assessing risk and planning compliance requirements for even the most complex vehicle fleets. Our dedicated compliance team are CPC qualified and are skilled in managing a wide range of vehicle fleets, of all sizes. We work closely with you to provide the expert support you need, ensure all regulatory obligations are met and your Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS) is protected.

Bespoke solutions

We design our compliance solutions around your business and the style in which it operates giving zero margin for error.
We work proactively with you to ensure overdue or missed events never occur – We have the team and resources in place to avoid this happening. We monitor closely to ensure any events booked on the client’s behalf are followed up and completed. We do this by providing SMS / email reminders prior to events, confirm if the assets have arrived for planned work, and in the event of a vehicle no-show, we will escalate this occurrence to the correct authority and prioritise its completion.